29 Jan 2019


29 Jan 2019

Happy New Year Lucia!

Charlotte and I celebrated the New Year’s Eve over a delicious dinner wearing hats in the color representing good luck along with noise-makers. Later in the evening we were invited to dance which was followed by a beautiful and exciting display of fireworks at midnight. We could not think of a more perfect way to bring on the New Year!

Charlotte and I are currently waiting for our flight to Cusco to start this exciting part of our journey. All has been well organized and each guide has been impeccable so far. Yes – I have not had to “think” about the logistics – we are just enjoying this wonderful adventure!

Many thanks to you!




A New York based mother and daughter wanting to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere special. Their criteria included sun, stunning landscapes and a rich and ancient culture that would ignite their imagination. The destination needed to be within 8 hours flight from home.

Peru sprung immediately to mind.

The brief was to create a journey of the kind you can’t find in guidebooks and travel magazines, with memorable culinary experiences and lots of exposure to indigenous rituals. We curated a two-week long journey from the elegant and sophisticated urban environs of the capital Lima to the towering sights of the Andes where soaring condors rule the skies and beyond the shores of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the sun in Andean mythology.

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