Our client came to us wanting to give a special gift to his wonderful wife of 25 years – a trip to a world she had always been fascinated by: Turkey and the Wonders of the Ottoman Empire. We created a 12-day journey that condensed the most beautiful, and poignant experiences across the Anatolian peninsula.

From the exotic tales of the Topkapi Palace to the pirate ships strewn along the Turquoise Coast and the ill-fated landing at Gallipoli, the clients experienced a world at the crossroads of two continents, and a true melting pot of cultures. From modern to ancient, urban to wild, spiritual to hedonistic, their journey was an experience of the senses that led them to make the following comment at the end of their trip.

Lucia, thank you for organising a fantastic trip! Nikki and I felt like royalty all the way. The history professor in Gallipoli was sensational and gave us the details of the battle from the Turkish perspective as we wanted, not the usual blah, blah about what the British and Anzacs did……..When we learnt that the mentor that accompanied us throughout the trip was the best archaeologist in Turkey, I felt really privileged. My friends will be green with envy when I tell them.


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After watching Bertolucci’s blockbuster “The Last Emperor” with their 17 year-old son as part of a school project, a family of five approached us to plan a trip that would showcase the richness and depth of China’s 5,000-year history and culture in a way that would be engaging for all the family members. We sat down with them to discuss the individual interests and what excited them when they thought about visiting China. While the parents were interested in the classical aspects like visiting the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City, the boys wanted to learn about Kung-Fu and the martial arts of the Shaolin monks. Everybody wanted to hike and bike ride in the countryside and see amazing rice terraces.

We created a never-to-be-repeated 21-day trip that took the family from the intrigue of the Forbidden City to hiking for 4 days with a world-renowned expert along the Great Wall of China around the seldom visited city of Datong, the UNESCO listed Yungang Buddhist Grottoes and the Hanging Temple. They then flew to Luoyang to visit the most famous Shaolin Temple in the land, guided by a Kung-Fu master before attending a training session. We received news that the boys were having the time of their life and the parents’ desire to learn more about classic China was fulfilled with nights at the theatre watching Chinese classic dances from the Tang Dynasty period. Then the whole family started a memorable bike riding adventure in Yunnan Province visiting the extraordinary rice terraces of the Hani people. Lastly they travelled to Xian and Shanghai to see the Terracotta Warriors, the Bund and the riches of the Shanghai Museum with a few nights of jazz in boutique venues reminiscent of the 1930s. When the family returned home they shared their thoughts:

Dear Lucia,

I must confess I was not as confident as Maria about having a good time with the boys in China, I was worried it would end up in a disaster with the boys being bored and wanting to go home. To my surprise we all had a great time and now my son Henry and I are better friends than before. He has started martial art classes with me. Thank you so much for helping our family bond and laugh together. Where should we go next?


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Nomads Secrets was contacted by a North American mother and daughter team wanting to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere special. Their criteria included sun, stunning landscapes and a rich and ancient culture that would ignite their imagination. All without venturing too far from home.

Peru sprung immediately to mind, a country shaped by an incredible variety of influences, landscapes, traditions and peoples.

The brief was to create a journey of the kind you can’t find in guidebooks and travel magazines, memorable culinary experiences and lots of exposure to indigenous cultures and rituals beyond the amazing sights and civilisation of Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire. We curated an epic journey from the elegant and sophisticated urban environs of the capital Lima to the towering sights of the Andes where soaring condors rule the skies and beyond to the shores of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the sun in Andean mythology. While they were in the middle of their adventure and soon after New Year’s Eve, we received this wonderful message:

Happy New Year Lucia!

Charlotte and I celebrated the New Year’s Eve over a delicious dinner wearing hats in the color representing good luck along with noise-makers. Later in the evening we were invited to dance which was followed by a beautiful and exciting display of fireworks at midnight. We could not think of a more perfect way to bring on the New Year!

Charlotte and I are currently waiting for our flight to Cusco to start this exciting part of our journey. All has been well organized and each guide has been impeccable so far. Yes – I have not had to “think” about the logistics – we are just enjoying this wonderful adventure!

Many thanks to you!

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Having booked two first class tickets to India on the spur of the moment, our clients now needed to find a befitting way to spend time exploring the subcontinent. When they contacted Nomads Secrets they talked about their great desire to experience the country, but also of their concerns in relation to health, hygiene, safety and the confronting issue of poverty. Addressing each point and minimising their trepidations we recommended combining India with Sri Lanka, two complementary and yet vastly different worlds that provide a more complete understanding of the region.

We crafted a 17-day journey that focussed on southern India and provided an insight into India’s 7,000-year history, ethnicities, cultures, religions, languages and the wealth that lured the British and other powers to its shores. Our clients experienced India’s kaleidoscopic variety with the utmost safety and comfort. They then concluded their trip in beautiful Sri Lanka with its calming and luxurious tea plantations, marvellous beaches and exotic wildlife. Here they had time to take stock of their journey and the richness of the experience:

Dear Lucia,

Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you have put into arranging our journey for us and I look forward to planning one in the north of India very soon!!!


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Our 16-day Tanzanian adventure from Arusha to the exotic shores of the spice island of Zanzibar was picked up by Luxury Travel Magazine. Travel journalist Lisa Doust wrote about the experience. Travelling from the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro across the hunter-gatherer tribal region of Lake Eyasi, the Ngorongoro Crater and the Olduvai Gorge where Lisa walked in the footsteps of Homo Habilis in the company of a field palaeontologist. Lisa’s account provides a vivid description of the primordial and unforgettable landscapes, people and culture of East Africa:

… at Kilimanjaro Airport and we’ve already learned a Tanzanian proverb: Mwenye pupa hadiriki kula tamu (‘A hasty person misses the sweet things’). It’s a sentiment I’m planning to be guided by as I spend two weeks touring with Nomads Secrets, getting to the heart of one of the globe’s oldest inhabited areas. Our journey begins with a drive through Arusha National Park, on the slopes of Mount Meru.

Located on the northern edge of the park within acacia woodland, Hatari Lodge is a fabulous retro retreat. The ultra-stylish rooms pay tribute to the 1962 movie with art deco furniture, African sculptures, minty shades of green and funky 1970s wallpaper working in perfect harmony. East African hospitality and breathtaking views of Mount Meru and the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro is the icing on the cake.

A delicious African-infused dinner and deeply rejuvenating sleep later, and we’re off for a day in Arusha National Park with our cheerful trio of guides, all of whom have lived in the area their entire lives and are completed attuned to their environment.

It’s surreal to see elephants, buffalo, warthogs, boars and baboons going about their business, giraffe heads peering from the tree tops and the flutter of a thousand pink flamingos rising above Momela Lakes – an awesome spectacle.

Observing wild animals in their natural environment is truly magical, but a long-held desire to spend time in the company of Tanzanian tribes is what brought me here… read more

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The Amalfi Coast had played Cupid to a young couple when they were university students. They hoped to return and marry there but it seemed more like a dream than a real possibility. The bride’s parents approached Nomads Secrets to help make the dream a reality. The wedding was planned for the beginning of July with relatives and friends flying in from around the world. The occasion meant more than celebrating the betrothal; four generations of the family along with their friends were going to come together for the first time in decades.

Nomads Secrets was asked to create a week full of fun and activities that would warm people’s hearts and provide the opportunity for the family to renew their bonds. It was a complex task. We created a fairy-tale event with private excursions to secret and inaccessible beaches, private dinners in restaurants reachable only by boat, exclusive venues and musical nights on either side of the “Big Day” as well as the newlyweds honeymoon across Italy. Everything was meticulously planned and ran flawlessly, even the weather and the sea played their part! Upon her return the mother of the bride wrote:

Hello Dear Lucia.

The journey you arranged is amazing!! You are a legend!
You have done a brilliant job … You made all our dreams seamlessly into reality and we thank you with all our hearts. !!!