26 Nov 2016


26 Nov 2016

Most of us know something about the teaching and history of Buddhism and the life of its religious followers. We have seen Buddhist monks in our cities, listened to the Dalai Lama and perhaps watched documentaries on this topic.

Few however have the opportunity to witness its calming rituals within the serenity of the monasteries where this international religion first started.

Monks at Thiksey Monastery Ladakh


In a quest to deepen my understanding of this mystical world, I have ventured along the “road less travelled” where I have had my most enlightening experiences. I have visited little-known monasteries where tradition and heritage are very much part of their local communities. These places are infused by a spiritual energy that emanates from the pure natural environment in which they rise, often in the hidden valleys and on the steep hilltops of Tibet, Ladakh and the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan.

It is here that you can come face to face with the drivers that have spurred so many around the world to seek enlightenment by embracing its philosophy in one way or another on a quest for the true nature of our existence.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

New Revelations

Spending time in these sacred places and in the surrounding villages with the help of a trusted expert, learning from the local monks and nuns  as they go about their routine of prayers, chants and daily chores, opens the door to gaining a meaningful understanding of the Wheel of Life and how Buddhists make sense of  death, rebirth and the suffering that humanity constantly seeks to escape.

Sitting humbly on floor mats, listening to the monks playing the drums and humming the sutras in their deep guttural voices while young novices scurry around serving bowls of a porridge-like mixture and a cup of yak-butter milk, delivers an unquestionable sense of peace and an openness to the larger world of new experiences.

That is why we travel!

If you want to explore the most mystical locations and beliefs of one of the most ancient religions in the world, I will be my pleasure to design a wonderful tailor-made journey of discovery across continental Asia just for you.

Lucia O’Connell

The Magic Natural World of Buddhist Monasteries

Monks at work

Farmers in a rural village surrounding a Buddhist Temple

Rising on the hillside in the Ladakh’s Himalayan Region Thiksey Monastery is a jewel in the crown.

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