29 Jan 2019


29 Jan 2019

Dear Lucia,

I must confess I was not as confident as Maria about having a good time with the boys in China, I was worried it would end up in a disaster with the boys being bored and wanting to go home. To my surprise we all had a great time and now my son Henry and I are better friends than before. He has started martial art classes with me. Thank you so much for helping our family bond and laugh together. Where should we go next?



After watching Bertolucci’s blockbuster “The Last Emperor” with their 17-year-old son as part of a school project, a family of five came to Nomads Secrets to plan a trip that would showcase the richness and depth of China’s 5,000-year history and culture in a way that would engage all the family members. We sat down with them to discuss the individual interests and what excited each of them about visiting China. While the parents were interested in the attractions of the Terracotta Warriors and the Forbidden City, the boys wanted to learn about Kung-Fu and the martial arts of the Shaolin monks. Everybody wanted to hike and bike ride in the countryside and see amazing rice terraces.

We created a 21-day trip that took the family from the intrigue of the Forbidden City to hiking for 4 days with a world-renowned expert along the Great Wall of China, the rice terraces of the south and the Shaolin monasteries hidden in the mountains.

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