12 May 2017


12 May 2017

From 22nd to 30th June 2018 the ancient city of Fez comes alive once again with the sounds of music from around the world. Renowned musicians, artists, intellectuals, filmmakers and other creative minds have gathered in one of Africa’s most evocative imperial cities to perform in 60 unforgettable sold-out events celebrating the power of collaboration and imagination.

Fez Festival Nouhaila Al Khala Nuits de la Médina

Audiences will be treated to a fabulous array of original and new works that blend diverse musical traditions aimed at overcoming prejudice and interracial barriers.

The concerts will take place in the fabulous courtyards of the city’s glamorous palaces, in gardens and squares.

“The Fez World Sacred Music Festival provides a great opportunity to experience the glamour and atmosphere of Fez during perhaps the best month of the year to be here, when the weather is sunny and pleasant and the city brims with cultural inspiration”. 

National Geographic

“The time will come when you see we’re all one.”

This festival lives by the spirit of the Beatles lyrics: “The time will come when you see we’re all one.”

The performers all share the same vision and include a star-studded cast of the festival’s favourites, icons of the music world and new artists. This year’s line up includes Brazilian legend Marlui Miranda showcasing music inspired by the tribes living in the Brazilian Amazonian forest, nomadic pianist Marc Vella who at the age of 30 left his native France with his grand piano travelling some 250,000km through almost 40 countries, from the Malagasy bush to sub-Saharan villages, Kosovo and all the way to India playing and learning new styles of artistic expression, showcasing the heart of mankind through its human heritage. Amongst the old favourites we find Rokia Traore from Mali with Beautiful Africa, Tenor Roberto Alagna with Mediterrano, Senegal’s Yousou N’Dour & Jonny Clegg in a tribute to Nelson Mandela and many others. If this is not enough you can also listen to sacred songs of the Gypsies of Provence, participate in a Judeo -Arab Night with Francoise Atlan and Lior el Maleh or loose yourself in the sounds of the Hot & Brass Band from Chicago Blues to New Orleans Jazz.


Fez Festival Omar Chennafi

Fez Festival – Roberto Alagna Tenor



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